Aqua Pathway

your lifetime of aqua adventures

Aneurin Leisure now have an exciting swimming lesson programme fully established called Aqua Pathway which allows you and your child to have a lifetime of aqua adventures.

The Aqua Pathway swimming lessons are a seamless journey from a baby’s forst experience in the water with an adult, to children who are competent swimmers, confident and skilled enough to continue with acquatic activities for the rest of their lives.  These three distinct stages are SPLASH, WAVES and AQUA SKILLS.

Aqua Pathway runs throughout all 3 Sports Centres, Ebbw Vale, Abertillery and Tredegar offering a programme from a very early age.

Aqua Pathway is a continuous programme that runs for 50 weeks of the year and it’s a continuous assessment with options to move into the Aqua Skills sessions that include everything from Swimming Clubs to Kayaking and Adult Swimming lessons.

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