Customer Code of Conduct

  • Do not come to the facility if you have shown signs or symptoms of COVID in the past 14 days, please see symptoms below: –
    1. Persistent cough
    2. High temperature
    3. New loss of taste or smell
    4. Shortness of breath
  • Please sign up to the Aneurin Leisure app and get your pin number sent across to book your session.
  • Sessions needs to be booked prior to attending the facility, open booking 7 days prior to going live.
  • Fitness classes will be 45 minutes unless stated otherwise.
  • All gym sessions will be a maximum of 1 hour per day.
  • If you are booking a pool session, please remember to shower at home before entering the pool and limiting time spent in the changing facilities. Swimming kit should be worn under your clothes.
  • Please observe social distancing guidance whilst visiting the facilities.
  • Please use the sanitizer stations provided.
  • Toilets will be open but limited numbers; all cubicles will be accessible but sinks and urinals may be blocked off to observe social distancing measures.
  • Please be patient with the staff and other users during this period.
  • Behaviour deemed inappropriate may result in customer being asked to leave and jeopardise your future membership.
  • Customers who continually book and don’t turn up to sessions may be liable to charges.

In the gym:

  • Follow the direction markers and observe social distancing.
  • Some equipment will be switched off and be taped off to observe social distancing.
  • When you are finished on one piece of equipment please locate the disinfection station to clean down your equipment/machine.
  • Follow the one-way system to access your next training zone.
  • Please make sure all equipment is put back and cleaned before departure.

Group Exercise Classes:

  • Classes will be in sports halls (unless stated otherwise on your booking confirmation).
  • Registers will be taken by the instructor.
  • Please enter the sports hall and find your training zone (these will be marked out with all equipment needed for the class in that zone).
  • Once the class is complete, please clean your equipment with the disinfectant wipes provided.
  • Exit the class via the fire exit doors.


  • Please shower at home where you can to limit time spent in the changing village.
  • Please arrive at the centre with your swimming kit on under your clothes.
  • Some lockers will be out of commission to observe social distancing.
  • There will be zones marked out to observe social distancing.
  • Please enter the pool via the entry points via entry signs (signage).
  • Please enter the fast lane or slow lane which will have signs.
  • There will be no more than 10 people per double lane 6 per single lane.
  • Follow the swimming directions in the lane.
  • When resting please stay to the corner of the lane (do not congregate at the wall).
  • Once you have completed your session please exit the pool via the exit signs.
  • Showers will be available but limited to observe social distancing.
  • Change in your zone and spend as little time as possible in this area.
  • Exit the facility via the main entrance (follow one-way system).


Swimming Clubs:

  • Same as above but observing the clubs code of practice agreed by Aneurin Leisure.
  • Follow the National Governing Bodies guidance for safe training.
  • COVID risk assessment must be completed.
  • A COVID Compliance officer must be appointed by the club.


Swimming Lessons (to be agreed in accordance with Swim Wales guidance)

  • Refer to swimming lesson guide for reopening and adhere to the guidance above.



  • Recognised club bookings only (initial phase).
  • Follow the National Governing Bodies guidance for safe training.
  • A COVID Compliance officer must be appointed by the club.