Swimming Lesson FAQs

How will the lessons be restarting?


All lessons will be recommencing from Monday 10 May 2021 (we will still be advised by Welsh Government on restrictions, which may impact our timelines).


Will there be facility guidance to follow?


Yes, all parents will have access to our Parents Code of Conduct for all rules and regulations in the facilities. We will also give everyone a guide of the safety measures we have in place to keep you, your child and all other facility users safe during these heightened restrictions.


How do we re-enrol our child?


If your child was a part of the Learn to Swim programme prior to the national lockdown in March, we will be advertising the new swimming structure we have had to adopt with COVID restrictions in place. We will be releasing the swimming structures on BG Life Facebook page, BG Life website and Aneurin Leisure phone app. We ask you to call so you can pick your child’s swimming day and time. Those who have attended during November and December will also need to re-enrol.


Will the classes be staggered?


Classes in Abertillery and Tredegar will be staggered due to the space we have in the changing facilities. There will be a 10-minute stagger between lessons whereby teaching areas will be cleaned, registers taken and so your child gets the full amount of time to swim. Ebbw Vale changing village is bigger and we will assign you cubicle numbers to observe social distancing and there will be spacer markings to drop your child off and follow the directions to the viewing area.


Will I be able to view my child swimming lesson?


In Abertillery and Ebbw Vale Sports Centres you will be able to use the spectating area on the 1st floors. There will be social distancing measures in place along with one-way systems (refer to Parent’s Code of Conduct). The maximum capacity for spectating will be limited to 15 due to the Welsh Government’s guidance. Unfortunately, there won’t be spectating in Tredegar Sports Centre, due to the limited space and current COVID restrictions, children will be dropped off to their classes and parents will return on time to collect their child. Parents will need to wait outside of the centre during this time.


How many children will be in a class?


There will be a reduction in ratios for swimming lessons, but as per the guidance from The Welsh Sports Association https://wsa.wales/sport-for-under-18s/, there are unlimited numbers of children under the age of 18 if the purpose for the gathering is for the development or well-being of the child. Children under the age of 11 are not expected to maintain the 2-meter distance from each other, but will be advised to do so via facility staff.



How much notice will you give parents?


Enrolments will go live from Monday 4 May 2021 for those children who have a current swimming lessons subscription.  New starters can enrol in our swim school from Monday 17 May 2021.


Will the class structure stay the same?


Unfortunately, we have had to change the days and times of lessons slightly to comply with social distancing and government guidance. We have attempted to keep the classes as close to the previous structure, but due to reduced numbers, staggered times and other restrictions some classes have been moved to accommodate all children that were in lessons prior to the national lockdown.


What is the ruling on under 11s and social distancing?


Every effort must always be made to adhere to social distancing guidance across all age groups. Children Under 11 are not expected to maintain a 2-meter distance from others, but will be advised to do so by facility staff.


Can we use the changing rooms?


Yes, changing rooms are in use and will be subject to social distancing measures (refer to parent code of conduct). We ask that the child comes to the centres ‘beach ready’ (swimming costume under their clothes), spend as little time in the changing rooms, dry, change and exit the building as quickly as possible for the next block of lessons to commences. We ask for parents to hold on to their child’s bags and change of clothes to limit touch points.


Will 1-2-1 lessons be restarting?


1-2-1 lessons will not start in this block due to the nature of them taking place during public swimming sessions, which have current restrictions on numbers and pool structure. All lessons that have been paid for will be honoured at a time we can do so with in the government’s guidance. This will be reassessed by the management team when restrictions are updated by the Welsh Government.


Will there be refresher sessions?


Due to the capacity we have to operate the lessons, we won’t be delivering swimming assessments. The teachers will make sure they go back through all the criteria your child needs to complete for their level, whilst building their confidence back in the water.



My child has turned 4 during the period of lockdown, will they be in Splash lessons or Waves?


Your child will remain in the lesson they finished in, so they have time to transition and build their confidence. So, if your child was in splash lessons prior to going into lockdown, they will remain in splash lessons.


When can new starters enrol?


New starts will be able to enrol in our Learn to Swim programme from Monday 17 May 2021. During this time spaces are limited due to COVID restrictions and reduced ratios.